Growing up on the fringe of space is hard but being the daughter of the most feared couple in the universe only complicates things.

Lirenvadra and her family have kept her lineage a secret. A decision that has shaped her in ways she cannot possibly comprehend. Lying about who you are and where you come from has a way of catching up to you. Even if it is for your protection.

When the crew of The Nightshade are tasked with a salvage mission spanning the entire expanse of known space… an unexpected discovery will set in motion events that will bring about the end of civilization as we know it.

Danger, conspiracy and exploration? Maybe this menial salvage detail isn’t going to be quite as boring as she thought…

Join The Wayward and The Wicked.

The Wayward and The Wicked Universe : Songs of Lirenvadra

Submersion begins an all new adventure set within the dystopian backdrop of The Wayward and The Wicked Universe.

To say that survival is hard throughout the entirety of space would be a gross misrepresentation. What remains of humanity is reduced to feuding factions dancing a fine line between chaos and order. Every small dispute threatens to irrevocably dismantle the frail treaties of peace.
Consumed by fear, distrust and furthering self interest, life is filled with somewhat poetic melancholy.

It has been more than three millennia since the lost technology was returned to the colonies. An omniscient artificial intelligence network now regulates nearly every aspect of human existence. The Vanguard, the strongest of all of the factions and self-proclaimed protectors of the peace, have claimed immanent domain.

They are Judge, jury and executioner… 
Justice is swift, merciless and guided solely by their hand.

Aboard the Vanguard NavShip, The Nightshade, the crew are tasked with collecting salvageable material from dead worlds and cataloguing military carriers hijacked before the fall of civilization. As their mission begins to unravel a tightly wound rope of deceit, conspiracy and corruption… Everything and everyone becomes a potential threat.

For Captain of The Nightshade, Titan of the Vanguard.. Enforcer of the Unconditional Law.. Lirenvadra, life is about to get a whole lot more complicated. Concealing an unlikely and most assuredly dangerous secret, this journey will test her resolve, expose her insecurities and inadvertently show her the path to changing the fate of the entire universe. 

Every decision is weighted with responsibility. 

Each action has a consequence.

Beyond the limits of our solar system, a group of slightly unstable individuals are about to make a whole lot of cosmic ruckus! 

Join Thayden and his skilled companions as they face off against outweighing odds, possible sabotage and their own unpredictable natures in this science fiction thriller. 

For The Wayward and The Wicked, this is going to be one crazy ride throughout the known universe! 

Join The Wayward and The Wicked.

Meridian’s Divide is the introductory look, a first glimpse into The Wayward And The Wicked Universe.

Thayden, a First Generation Operative of the Colonial Armed Forces, is brought face to face with uncertainty from the moment he is awoken from hypersleep. Stepping out of the submersion pod and into an unfamiliar situation, he is greeted by Captain Harding. A mysterious Navigator pilot who takes protocol, procedure and safety measures.. the entire manual and throws it out in the wash. It quickly becomes apparent that the circumstances surrounding his release are questionable at best.

Harding and his band of hired help, unwittingly release nine of the most dangerous creatures ever created. Assigned to seek out a single elusive target: a Third Generation Operative named Arabi. Their only rule of engagement: eliminate any threat. Their only guidance is to be careful not to make too much noise. It’s only a matter of time before this reunited motley crew of personalities gets themselves into trouble.. no doubt in the most peculiar of ways possible.

Proceed at your own risk, venture into the mind of a calculating and methodical, cold blooded killer. Thayden has proven himself so destructive that even his own allies are terrified of him. He and his companions are a definitive culmination of a life devoted to a cause that has no means to an end.. only violence. Readers are asked to follow closely as our new found friends battle through unforeseen friction, explore distant worlds and learn a few things about each other along the way.

For Thayden, this journey has him torn between the expectations of his peers, actions required for life/death situations and what little is left of his humanity… If they can keep from killing each other… the ragtag team of Operatives may inadvertently begin to set in motion events that will have unthinkable consequences to the cosmos…

Make no mistake…This is not the story of a hero.

Sometimes the wicked can only be devoured by an even greater evil.

If waking up to an unconventional adventure into death, destruction and mayhem wasn’t enough excitement, now it seems like the obsolete Operatives of the Colonial Armed Forces are about to fall into even more unrequested haphazardry! 

Once more, join Thayden and his obscurely dysfunctional companions as they find themselves trapped in an unfamiliar part of the galaxy. This time they’re drawn deeper into the connections between their pasts, present and the unknown. 

For The Wayward and The Wicked, this is going to get pretty complicated! 

Join The Wayward and The Wicked.

Subjective Measures is the return look, a second trip into The Wayward And The Wicked Universe.
Unsure of where they are, how they got there and who’s to blame… the team struggles to decipher the events leading up to their crash. Readers are drawn back into the action as Thayden and what is left of his crew find themselves fighting to escape a world protected by a military grade Defense Network. Macgregor and Natticus discover a critical flaw in the electromagnetic field and capitalize on it in order to reboot their machine counterparts. Unable to reach Thomas and the others the crew of the NavShip are forced to find an alternate means of escape.
Amidst the chaos of the crash, technical difficulties and space debris.. history and present collide as past rivalries ignite. To only make matters worse, Natticus is thrown back into the stasis pod due to a life threatening ailment. In a race against time Thayden must somehow lead his people out of harms way with the help of age-old technology, just the right amount of willpower and a whole lot of explosives.
Our beloved Elite Operatives of the Colonial Armed Forces square off with their own planned obsolescence when they cross paths with members of the elusive Technologist Faction. Thayden once again is posed with the difficult decisions of his position, knowing full well that any act of aggression could bring about the end. Left with limited ammunition, scarce supplies and no other alternatives.. the crew must find a way off the prison world and to the only place they know is neutral in the entire Inner-Ring Colonies.. Solistus: the original Faith Homeworld.
For Thayden, this adventure exposes more of the events that lead to his submersion and for his companions it illuminates a perhaps even darker path. Follow along as he and his crew members are pushed to the brink of their own limitations, torn apart by their own insecurities and piece together a mystery with answers better left buried…
This is not the story of a group of heroes.

This is what happens when children play with fire.

Stories from The Wayward and The Wicked Universe

Songs of Lirenvadra:
Submersion (#1)
Nightshade (#2) (Available soon) 

Companion Prequels:
Meridian’s Divide (#1)
Subjective Measures (#2)


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