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From past

ChronicledExistence.com was first created in 2003 as a depository of ideas. At the forefront of this was the desire to house works of fiction, art and be an online journal alternative. I wanted to give my friends and fellow creatives a free and welcoming space to gather in one place for all the world to see.

Over the last two decades, this site has gone from brainstorming sessions, storage area for AIM/MSN messages, interactive forum to a collaborative space for fellow writers and artists to collaborate. This space has been an oasis of creativity and exploration!

To Present

In 2010, I began helping aspiring authors with an array of publishing services. From bookcovers, websites, business cards and even ghostwriting..

I had found that ChronicledExistence had grown into something far greater than I had ever imagined!

But it had also inadvertently ignited in me an unavoidable desire to publish my own stories. The characters’ voices became so “loud” I was unable to keep them silenced.

into future

Now in 2022, emerging from the chaos of a global pandemic, ChronicledExistence is being converted into a digital bookshelf or personal online portfolio.

This place will continue to encourage the creativity and positivity of authors, poets and artistic endeavors of every creative to grace these “pages”